Spring School on Port-Hamiltonian Modelling and Control

Spring School on Port-Hamiltonian Modelling and Control

Dear Colleagues,

This is our pleasure to invite you to the next Spring School on Port-Hamiltonian Modelling and Control (https://ph-school.eu/) that will take place in the beautiful bishop’s fortress of Bertinoro, Italy, located on the top of a hill in the heart of Romagna, between the cities of Forli and Cesena, around 80Kms from Bologna. form the 22nd to the 26th of May 2023

This spring school is dedicated to PhD students, master students and early researchers interested in learning a unified approach allowing to deal with the modelling and control of multi-physical systems described by non-linear and/or partial differential equations.

This spring school starts from no previous knowledge other than standard basic academic undergraduate knowledge to introduce the students to the field of port-Hamiltonian systems modelling and control design. This is a unified way to model all physical systems in a unique way to treat simple electrical network as well as complicated interaction of 3D elasticity parts moving in a fluid model with Navier-Stokes equations via decomposition and interconnection. The power of port-Hamiltonian expressivity is really remarkable and the organizers of the school have reason to believe that physics will be taught with such tools in the future.

A real school !!

Often, so-called “summer schools” are more like workshops in which many different high-level scientists present their current results and the cohesion is often missing. In this school we are really trying to do it differently by introducing even the mathematical concepts which will be used before actually using them. It will clearly not be possible to give a full breath of the field of port Hamiltonian systems, but after the school you will know all you need to deeply understand the advantages of this new paradigm to model and control physical systems.

There will be a few teachers to achieve the previously described role, but two evenings will be dedicated to keynotes of Arjan van der Schaft and Bernhard Maschke who pioneered this ground breaking new way to do modeling and control.


  • Y. Le Gorrec (FEMTO-ST/AS2M, FR)
  • A. Macchelli (Univ. of Bologna, IT)
  • H. Ramírez (Univ. Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, CHL)
  • F. P. Schuller (Univ. of Twente, NL)
  • S. Stramigioli (Univ. of Twente, NL)


  • B. Maschke (LAGEPP,Univ.Lyon1, FR)
  • A.v.d. Schaft (Univ. of Groningen, NL)



We have tried to keep the school fees to a minimum of 650 Euros and this will include the registration and lodging for the all week as well as breakfasts and lunches. The only additional costs you will have to take care of are travel and dinners.


Please do not hesitate to distribute this information among your networks.

The organizers

Y. Le Gorrec, A. Macchelli, S. Stramigioli

Please check the website for more details about this spring school https://ph-school.eu/