stage de Master/ PFE

Département AS2M, Institut FEMTO-ST

The intern will first have to do a solid literature review on dynamic modeling of Cosserat rod and energy-based control port-Hamitonian system(PHS) formulations with the help of the project team.  The validation of PHS Cosserat rod model needs to be proceeded both on simulation and experimental setup of the optical fiber. At last the intern needs to propose an energy-based control design method to control the tip of the optical fiber using the PHS formalism and validate on the experimental setup.

Starting time: February/March 2022 with a duration of 6 months.

Supervisors: Dr. Yongxin Wu (MACS team), Prof. Yann Le Gorrec (MACS team) and Dr. Kanty Rabenorosoa (Micro and Nano Robotics team).

More details of the subject and application requirements can be found in the attached file.