New ISTE-WILEY book SECURITY IN VEHICULAR NETWORKS by Leila Benarous, Salim Bitam and Abdelhamid Mellouk

Type publication

Leila Benarous & Salim Bitam & Abdelhamid Mellouk

ISTE & WILEY, ISBN 9781786308481, September 2022

Vehicular networks were first developed to ensure safe driving and extend the Internet to the road. However, we can now see that the ability of vehicles to engage in cyber-activity may result in tracking and privacy violations through the interception of messages, which are frequently exchanged on road.

This book serves as a guide to students, developers and junior researchers who are interested in vehicular networks and the associated security and privacy issues. It facilitates the understanding of the technologies used and their various types, highlighting the importance of privacy and security issues and the direct impact they have on the safety of their users. It also explains various solutions and proposals to protect location and identity privacy, including two anonymous authentication methods that preserve identity privacy and a total of five schemes that preserve location privacy in the vehicular ad hoc networks and the cloud-enabled internet of vehicles, respectively.

This book also presents a new privacy-aware blockchain-based pseudonym management framework.