événements à venir

Titre Dates Deadline Tag
ISDE STP, Workshop
Optimal identification experiment design to improve the detection of the topology of a dynamic network Automatique, Séminaire
IN4PL 2021 - STP
MSR 2021 - GdR MACS
IEEE HOPE 2021 - Conference
PRO-VE 2021 - GdR MACS, IFIP, Soutien SAGIP
2022 Spring School on Data-driven Model Learning for Dynamic Systems - Automatique, Ecole de printemps
IEEE GOL 2022 - Conference, GdR MACS, SAGIP
ALCOS 2022 - Conference, IFAC, SAGIP
6th edition of the IEEE International Conference on Logistics Operations Management - Innovation in Supply Chain… - Conference
WODES 2022 - Automatique, Conference