DX'24 in Viena: The 35th International Conference on Principles of Diagnosis and Resilient Systems


Formerly known as the International Workshop on Principles of Diagnosis, the DX conference is a forum to present and discuss the latest research, experience reports, and emerging ideas in the context of diagnosis and resilient systems. We value submissions considering any kind of system, from physical to computational, with abstract to detailed representations. In previous iterations of the DX workshop, the focus was on diagnosis, i.e., the identification of root causes for encountered issues and unexpected scenarios, and related techniques, such as prognostics, planning, and control. Moving forward, we would like to expand our focus on diagnosis to the topic of resilience, which is the intrinsic ability of a system to sustain its required operations when impacted by expected and unexpected contingencies. We are interested in papers that cover resilient design as well as approaches for operational resilience.